ComSciCon-Chicago 2015

Communicating Science Chicago (ComSciCon-Chicago) was held at Northwestern University’s Robert H. Lurie Medical Research Center on the weekend of August 15th-16th, 2015. You can find the full workshop program here. Here are links to ComSciCon-Chicago 2015 attendees, experts, and organizers.

The ComSciCon workshop series is designed to empower graduate students to communicate the complex concepts arising in science, engineering and other technical fields to diverse audiences. Attendees interact with fellow graduate student leaders in science communication, learn from expert writers and communicators including journalists, communication researchers, and scientists, and produce original writing for publication. 

We hope to run ComSciCon-Chicago again next year. Please look for an application next Spring. If you have any questions, please contact ComSciCon organizing committee at

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