Invited Experts

Write-A-Thon Experts

Abeer Siddiqui - McMaster University, Learning Support Librarian & Adjunct Professor

Julia Krolik - Art the Science, Founder; Pixels & Plans, Founder

Julia Krolik is an information designer, data scientist, artist and entrepreneur. As an award-winning artist, Julia integrates scientific methodology into her creative process. Julia is the founder of Art the Science, a non-profit organization facilitating artist residencies in scientific research laboratories across Canada to foster public engagement in art and science. She also sits on the Data Visualization Society’s board as the Partnerships Director. Through her creative agency Pixels and Plans, Julia and her team work with private and public organizations fusing scientific integrity with engaging design to create impactful knowledge mobilization products and science-based art. Their scope of work is expansive and includes interactive data visualization tools, data-based art installations and custom projection mapping software. Connect with Julia via LinkedIn and Twitter


Farah Qaiser - Co-founder, Toronto Science Policy Network

Ana Sofia Barrows- Project Coordinator, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion at the Rotman School of Management

Carin Bondar- Adjunct Professor of Biology at the University of the Fraser Valley

Ella Chan - Founder, Sci-Files on YouTube

Alice Fleerackers - Science in Society Editor at Science Borealis

Ian Wereley- Executive Director, Canadian Association for Graduate Studies (CAGS); National Organizer, 3MT thesis

Kaylee Byers - Co-founder, Nerd Nite Vancouver; Co-founder, Nerdin’ About Podcast

Katie Willis- Acting Director, Communications & Engagement at Faculty of Science, University of Alberta


Networking Experts


Jesse Lupini - Co-Founder, Avo Media

Jesse is a filmmaker and science communicator with a background in design, programming, and post-production. One of the co-founders of Vancouver's Avo Media, he's also directed several award-winning science fiction short films, including Crazy8s short Iteration 1. Jesse uses his eye for design, nose for narrative, ear for audio, and love of learning to help communicate science in engaging and exciting ways.


Alexandra Gellé - ComSciConCAN Organizer, Pint of Science Director

Alexandra has been involved with Pint of Science since her first day as a PhD student at McGill University. She is now the director of Pint of Science Canada and can often be found in bars discussing science or holding meetings. She is also a contributing writer for the Science Network, Science Borealis and The Conversation Canada, in English and French. Alexandra has also facilitated various SciComm workshops including science writing.


Chantal Barriault - Laurentian University, Master Lecturer

 Dr. Chantal Barriault is the Director of the Science Communication Graduate program, offered jointly by Science North and Laurentian University in Sudbury, Ontario. The program has over 150 alumni since it started in 2005. Starting out on the exhibit floors of Science North, Chantal spent most of her early career developing and delivering education programmes, teacher training, live science theatre, and science exhibits. Currently, her research interests focus on understanding and assessing the impact of science communication strategies through the application of learning theories in informal learning environments. Chantal joined the faculty team at Laurentian University in 2013.  


Farah Qaiser - Co-founder, Toronto Science Policy Network; Member, Chief Science Advisor's Youth Council

Julia Krolik - Founder, Art the Science; Founder, Pixels & Plans

Pooja Bhatti - Co-founder, Science Networkers; Social Media Coordinator, Science Slam Canada

Kimberly Girling - Interim Executive Director, Evidence for Democracy

Rackeb Tesfaye - Founder, Broad Science; Science Columnist, LetsGoCBC 

Kaylee Byers - Co-founder, Nerd Nite Vancouver; Co-founder, Nerdin’ About Podcast

Ian Wereley - Executive Director, Canadian Association for Graduate Studies (CAGS); National Organizer, 3MT thesis