Pre-Workshop Requirements

Pre-Workshop Requirements

ComSciCon-CanWest is a highly interactive and cooperative event. The meeting will include group workshopping of already-developed science communication pieces. All accepted attendees to ComSciConCAN Atlantic 2021 are expected to complete the following pre-workshop requirements in advance of attending the workshop. Check back soon for additional details.


Through the "Write-A-Thon", ComSciConCAN attendees develop science communication pieces (articles, videos, audio etc) and workshop them extensively with fellow attendees and science communication experts. Some of these pieces may even go on to be published in major science communication outlets. You can see examples of pieces written by previous ComSciCon attendees here.

Although we call this a Write-A-Thon, if written word isn’t your preferred media for communication you can also submit recorded audio or visual pieces for review! If you have any questions about the Write-A-Thon, send us an email at and we will get back to you as soon as possible.