Organizing Committee


ComSciConCAN Atlantic 2021 is organized by:


Sarah Nersesian (Dalhousie University, @nersesiansarah)

Sarah (she/her) is a passionate researcher who loves to share scientific knowledge through illustrations and other visual communication strategies. Sarah is the founder of the first research based scientific illustrations company in Canada, Designs that Cell. She obtained her BSc in BioMedical Sciences from The University of Guelph and MSc in Biochemistry and Cell Biology at Queen’s University. She is currently completing her Ph.D. in Microbiology and Immunology at Dalhousie University focusing on exploring the impact of intra-tumoural natural killer cells on tumour development and treatment responses.


Tareq Yousef (Dalhousie University, @tareqneuro)

Tareq Yousef (he/him) is like Queer Eye but, less fat-phobia and avocados, and more him being a queer PhD student doing vision research. When he’s not researching the fundamental neurobiological mechanisms of light adaptation in the eye he’s like… “Am I gonna get a job?” Tareq is very passionate about teaching and thinks that coursework ought to be as exciting as watching Bill Nye. He loves media communications, has been featuerd on Les Aventures du Pharmacien, and co-hosts the No BS Nutrition Podcast, a weekly dose of nutrition science communication debunking your favourite fad diets and nutraceutical products, often from his neuroscience angle. (P.S. Apple cider vinegar does nothing). Tareq loves writing, has published with The Conversation and is a contributor at dnatured, a satirical science news website. He's excited to meet everyone at ComSciConCan Atlantic and make some new friends!