Panel Discussions:

Multimedia Science Communication and Journalism:

Speakers: Sarah Everts, Julia Krolik, Christopher Labos and Shelley Wiart

Science communication is no longer just the health column in the local newspaper. For the modern science communicator there is no limit to the breadth or number of people that can be engaged with due to the development of technology. This panel will bring together journalists, storytellers and scientists to discuss science communication through different outlet modalities (print, radio, video, data visualization, ect.) and how to optimize different media formats to share knowledge and engage with diverse audiences. They will also explore the challenges of communicating science in the era of oversaturated misinformation and how multimedia can be used for a tool of empowerment.

Communicating through Policy and Activism:

As scientists, many of us find ourselves in a position where we must be able to communicate key research findings to those responsible for making political and policy decisions. In addition, we may even want to leverage primary research to take on advocacy roles, help shape how different levels of government view and utilize scientific research, and foster relationships with different stakeholders in the public. This panel will bring together experts with experience in science policy, those who use science to influence policy choices, as well as those who engage in activism and advocacy work around key issues. 

Speakers: Dr. Jessica Kolopenuk, Dr. Kimberly Girling, Madison Rilling Dr. Mona Nemer (to be confimed)




Social Media

Science of Science Communication

Creative Storytelling



Write-a-thon (plus expert review)

e-poster session

Science trivia night