Attendance at ComSciCon-Atlanta is FREE. ComSciCon-Atlanta is intended to serve graduate students throughout the Southeast and Puerto Rico. 

    We anticipate that the application will be competitive. With that in mind, please prepare your applications thoughtfully!

    The application itself will take approximately 10 minutes, and requires short responses to three prompts. It also contains other questions on demographics that will not be used to evaluate your application.

 The application will open October 17th and close on November 21st

 Accepted students will be notified by December 16th

    You may not edit your application prior to submission, so we recommend that you prepare your responses prior to beginning the application. The prompts are below.

    For each response, you may write no more than 500 characters (including spaces). This is approximately 100 words.

Q1Describe your previous experience in science communication.

Describe one science communication effort you've been involved in. This could include participation or leadership in student organizations, a contribution to science outreach programs, blogging or other writing for the general public, activity on social media, or another experience. This can include something you've done outside of your regular duties as a graduate student. 


Q2How would you describe your research to the general public?

Imagine you are asked about your research topic by a neighbor with no experience in your field. How would you describe the work that you do in an accurate, but exciting and engaging way? 


Q3Why do you want to attend the ComSciCon-local workshop?

How do you hope attending this conference will enhance your overall science literacy, future career, and/or understanding of science communication?


Apply HERE:

Good luck, we look forward to reading your applications!