Meet your local organizers!

These folks are working hard to bring ATL an amazing ComSciCon experience, while pursuing their own #scicomm hustle (as well as everything else that comes with grad school).

Brooke Andrews 

Brooke Andrews, Chair

Brooke is a fourth year graduate student at Emory Chemistry in the lab of R. Brian Dyer. Her research focuses on deepening our understanding of the dynamic processes used by enzymes, nature’s catalysts. Specifically, her goal is to be able to inform the development of a novel class of drugs that target critical enzyme motions, including those involved with cancer cell metabolism.
When not in the lab, Brooke maintains her group’s website and social media presence, volunteers with the Atlanta Science Festival to communicate cutting-edge research to children, and makes use of her previous training in inorganic chemistry by creating pottery in a local community studio.

helen siaw

Helen Siaw, Co-Chair, Treasurer

Helen Siaw is a 4th year chemistry Ph.D. student at Emory University. She uses spectroscopy to study molecular mechanisms involved in influenza A infection. Outside of the lab, she leads STEM outreach and mentoring events at Emory University for middle and high school students . She also serves as president of the Association for Women in Science (AWIS) Emory Graduate Affiliate Group and communications coordinator for the AWIS Georgia chapter.

donna mcdermott

 Donna McDermott, Panel and Write-a-thon Leader

Donna McDermott is an ecology PhD student in her third year. She works in Dr. Berry Brosi’s lab at Emory University, investigating learning and communication in bumble bees. She’s a Science Communication Fellow with Science ATL and an enthusiast for teaching at every level.

holly munro

Holly Munro, UGA organizing chair

Holly is currently a third year Ph.D. student at the University of Georgia and is a member of Dr. Kamal Gandhi’s Forest Entomology Lab.  Her research focuses on the chemical ecology of insects, as well as modeling the population dynamics of forest insects and pathogens. She is currently the Southern Forest Insect Work Conference (SFIWC) Social Media Coordinator, a collaborative research platform that connects forest industry professionals, government entities, and academics.  She is also very active in K-12 STEM outreach programs. She helped design and currently teaches an Insect Merit Badge for Boy Scouts of America and serves as a judge for the Georgia Science and Engineering Science Fair (Grades 9-12).

Meg Sosnowski

 Meg Sosnowski, GSU organizing chair, Panel leader

Meg is a third year Ph.D. student in Cognitive Psychology and a Brains & Behavior fellow at Georgia State University, where she studies hormones, cognition, and behavior in a variety of primate species. She first became interested in the monkey mind at Yale University, where she received a B.S. in Psychology - Neuroscience. When she's not busy designing computer games for monkeys or giving talks at local breweries, Meg can be found running long distances, reading, or supporting Atlanta United.

stephanie castillo

Stephanie Castillo, VU organizing chair, web & social media manager

Stephanie is a fourth year graduate student in chemistry and Vanderbilt University. Under the mentorship of Dr. Timothy Hanusa, her research focuses on developing new molecules to speed up the production of biodegradable plastics. Stephanie is the creator of Phuture Doctors and a fellow for Vanderbilt Institute for Digital Learning. As a digital learning fellow, she is making educational science videos for high schools that expose students to careers in STEM through representation and diversity. When she is not busy working on her science communication skills, you will find her rock climbing or binge watching netflix series.

davis reardon 

Davis Reardon, UGA Fundraiser

Davis is a third year student at UGA getting my Master's in Toxicology.  He is currently working on measuring air pollution exposure from traditional cookstoves in developing countries.  This project involves international collaboration, and contact with families around the world.  Before going into research, Davis has spent six years in various levels of science teaching and education.  Some of his hobbies include gardening and video games.

laura mast

Laura Mast, GT organizing chair

Laura is a 5th year PhD student and National Science Foundation Fellow in Environmental Engineering at the Georgia Institute of Technology and a member of Dr. Ching-Hua Huang’s lab. Laura has worked with Georgia Tech’s Center for Teaching and Learning as a Teaching Fellow and volunteers with the Center for Education Integrating Science, Mathematics, and Computing(CEISMC) and Women in Engineering program. She also runs Populy Voting Systems, a startup dedicated to streamlining STEM competitions through electronic scoring.She is currently a Science Communication Fellow with the Atlanta Science Festival

kendall williams

 Kendall Williams, GT organizing chair, Write-a-thon Leader

Kendall is currently a second year BME PhD student in the joint program at Emory and Georgia Tech. She works in Dr. Wilbur Lam’s lab on translational microtechnology, and is excited to help bring science communication training to graduate students in the southeast!