Pre-Workshop Requirements

ComSciCon's National Workshop is a highly interactive and cooperative event. For instance, several of the sessions include group workshopping of already-developed science communication pieces.

All accepted attendees to ComSciCon 2020 are expected to complete the following in advance of attending the workshop. This list shows examples from the previous year, as the final list for 2020 has not yet been finalized. Check back soon for additional details of each requirement. 


Through the "Write-A-Thon", ComSciCon attendees develop science communication pieces (articles, videos, etc) and workshop them extensively with fellow attendees and science communication experts. Many of these pieces are later published in major science communication outlets.

Details / Submission: More details will be available as the conference approaches.

Poster (Optional)


ComSciCon 2020 will feature a poster session highlighting the science outreach, communication, and social media activities of our attendees and several local SciComm organizations.

We are unfortunately not able to offer posters to all attendees, so we ask interested attendees to submit abstracts. You can see examples of successful abstracts from a previous year's program. Selected attendees will be invited to prepare an electronic poster before the workshop. We'll let you know the status of your submission within a few days, so you have plenty of time to work on the poster.


  • Early May: Short abstract due
  • Late May: Submit final  poster (selected attendees)
  • At ComSciCon 2020: Poster Session

Evaluation Surveys

ComSciCon is interested in learning more about how best to improve science communication training. We evaluate our performance through surveys before, immediately following, and 6-months after the workshop. 

Details: The pre-workshop survey will be available upon acceptance to ComSciCon 2020.


  • 2 weeks prior to conference: Complete pre-workshop survey
  • Late June: Complete post-workshop survey
  • Late 2020: Complete follow-up survey

Deposit and Paperwork

Attendees are required to submit a deposit ($50 check), which will be refunded (not deposited) following the workshop. We also require some basic paperwork (W9s, or equivalent for international attendees) to be submitted prior to the workshop to allow for reimbursement of travel expenses. 

More information on the reimbursement paperwork will be available upon acceptance to ComSciCon 2020.