What is ComSciCon?

ComSciCon is a series of workshops focused on the communication of complex and technical concepts organized by graduate students, for graduate students.  ComSciCon attendees meet and interact with professional communicators, build lasting networks with graduate students in all fields of science and engineering from across the US and Canada, and write and publish original works.

Recent Publications by ComSciCon attendees or about ComSciCon

Kulkarni S. Mind the [Mass] Gap. Scientific American Observations Blog [Internet]. 2019. Publisher's VersionAbstract

Astronomers are getting closer to figuring out where the dividing line lies between neutron stars and black holes

Benish S. A LOOK AT CLIMATE CHANGE POLICY FROM 2020 DEMOCRATIC PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATES. Actual Living Scientist [Internet]. 2019. Publisher's VersionAbstract
Scientists agree that human activity is at the root of global warming. As more international protests bring the consequences of a warming planet to the mainstream media, presidential candidates are announcing how they would deal with the crisis. But will any of their plans actually work or go far enough in stemming the problem?
The Democratic National Committee recently held a 7-hour climate change town hall with presidential candidates. While we have many more months of debate and a crowded Democratic field, I’m going to grade the climate action plans of two frontrunners based on how effective I believe the plans are. We’ll start with two candidates who have been involved in politics for decades: Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders.

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