Physical Science

David  Aguilar

David Aguilar

Director of the Public Affairs and Educational Outreach Department at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics

David Aguilar directs the Public Affairs and Educational Outreach Department at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics.

Lisa Backus

Lisa Backus

Teacher, Deerfield High School

Lisa Backus has 15 years of experience as a high school chemistry teacher, 20 years as a chemist in the analysis of construction materials and 8 years …

Reggie Bain

Reggie Bain

Graduate Student, Physics, Duke

I am currently a second year graduate student in theoretical physics at Duke University.

Cael  Barry

Cael Barry

Graduate Student in Climate & Physical Oceanography at MIT

I'm a graduate student in climate & physical oceanography, though more of an applied mathematician by training.

Bence  Béky

Bence Béky

Graduate Student, Astronomy, Harvard

Bence is a PhD student in Astronomy and Astrophysics at Harvard.

Gabriele  Betancourt-Martinez

Gabriele Betancourt-Martinez

Graduate Student in Astronomy at the University of Maryland

Gabriele Betancourt-Martinez is a Ph.D. student studying astrophysics at the University of Maryland, College Park.

Breanna Binder

Breanna Binder

Postdoc at University of Washington (astronomy department)
Lecturer at the University of Washington, Bothell (School of STEM).

Breanna Binder was a graduate student in the University of Washington astronomy department when she attended ComSciCon, and is now a postdoc at …

Beatrice  Bonga

Beatrice Bonga

Graduate Student in Physics at Pennsylvania State University

Beatrice studies one of the mysteries of the universe: dark energy. She does this at the Pennsylvania State University as part of her PhD. program.

Kristen  L. Cacciatore

Kristen L. Cacciatore

Chemistry Teacher, East Boston High School

Kristen L. Cacciatore, Ph.D, is a full-time chemistry teacher, science fair coordinator, and science program leader at East Boston High School.