Lauren  Aguirre

Lauren Aguirre

Director of New Media, NOVA

Lauren Aguirre has led NOVA’s general audience digital initiatives since the launch of its first web site in 1996.

Josh  Wolff

Josh Wolff

Graduate Student, Technology and Policy Program, MIT

I am a graduate student in MIT’s Technology and Policy Program, and I have an undergraduate degree in economics from the University of Vermont.

Maria  Paula  Angarita

Maria Paula Angarita

Graduate Student, MIT, Technology and Policy Program (TPP)

Received a B.S. in physics at Florida International University and is currently a masters student in the Technology and Policy Program (TPP) at MIT.

Jennifer Apell

Jennifer Apell

Graduate Student, MIT, Environmental Organic Chemistry

Jennifer is a Ph.D. student at Massachusetts Institute of Technology studying environmental organic chemistry.

Marcia  Bartusiak

Marcia Bartusiak

Professor of the Practice and Executive Director of the Graduate Program in Science Writing at MIT

Marcia Bartusiak is Professor of the Practice of the Graduate Program in Science Writing at MIT.

Jeff  Bessen

Jeff Bessen

Graduate Student, Harvard, Chemistry and Chemical Biology

Jeff is in his first year of the Chemistry and Chemical …

Alan  Brody

Alan Brody

Professor of Theater at MIT
Co-Director of the Catalyst Collaborative

Alan Brody is a Professor of Theater at MIT.

Paul J. CaraDonna

Paul J. CaraDonna

Graduate Student, Ecology, University of Arizona

Timing is everything, but context matters; this is the focus of my PhD research at the University of Arizona.

Miyoko Chu

Miyoko Chu

Senior Director of Communications at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Miyoko Chu is the senior director of Communications at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology.

Ellen Clegg

Ellen Clegg

Executive Director of Communications for The Boston Globe

Ellen Clegg is executive director of communications for The Boston Globe.

Kade  Crockford

Kade Crockford

Director of the Technology for Liberty Program at the ACLU of Massachusetts

Kade Crockford is the Director of the Technology for Liberty Program at the ACLU of Massachusetts, where she quarterbacks the work challenging the growing …

Nate DeGraff

Director of Communications, NC State College of Sciences

Nate DeGraff is director of communications for NC State University’s College of Sciences, leading a multi-platform communications program that markets …

Donna DiBartolomeo

Donna DiBartolomeo

Director of Exhibits at Sciencenter

Donna DiBartolomeo leads the exhibits and facilities team at Sciencenter, a hands-on, interactive museum in Ithaca, NY.