Lauren  Aguirre

Lauren Aguirre

Director of New Media, NOVA

Lauren Aguirre has led NOVA’s general audience digital initiatives since the launch of its first web site in 1996.

Josh  Wolff

Josh Wolff

Graduate Student, Technology and Policy Program, MIT

I am a graduate student in MIT’s Technology and Policy Program, and I have an undergraduate degree in economics from the University of Vermont.

Maria  Paula  Angarita

Maria Paula Angarita

Graduate Student, MIT, Technology and Policy Program (TPP)

Received a B.S. in physics at Florida International University and is currently a masters student in the Technology and Policy Program (TPP) at MIT.

Jennifer Apell

Jennifer Apell

Graduate Student, MIT, Environmental Organic Chemistry

Jennifer is a Ph.D. student at Massachusetts Institute of Technology studying environmental organic chemistry.

Christie Aschwanden

Christie Aschwanden

Lead writer for science at FiveThirtyEight
Health columnist for The Washington Post

Christie Aschwanden is an award winning journalist, editor and author.

Kathleen  Bachynski

Kathleen Bachynski

Graduate Student in Public Health at Columbia

Kathleen is a PhD candidate in the Department of Sociomedical Sciences at Columbia's Mailman School of Public Health, studying the history and ethics of …

Marcia  Bartusiak

Marcia Bartusiak

Professor of the Practice and Executive Director of the Graduate Program in Science Writing at MIT

Marcia Bartusiak is Professor of the Practice of the Graduate Program in Science Writing at MIT.

Elizabeth Bass

Elizabeth Bass

Founding Director - Alan Alda Center for Communicating Science
Visiting Associate Professor in Stony Brook’s School of Journalism

Elizabeth Bass is the founding director of the Alan Alda Center for Communicating Science at Stony Brook University and a Visiting Associate Professor in …

Alex  Berardino

Alex Berardino

Graduate Student, Computational Neuroscience, New York University

Alex is a PhD candidate in Computational Neuroscience at NYU and co-founder of NeuWrite Downtown, a scientist-journalist collaborative in New York City.

Chris Berdik

Chris Berdik

Science Journalist

Chris Berdik is a freelance science journalist, and a former staff editor at The Atlantic and Mother Jones.

Jeff  Bessen

Jeff Bessen

Graduate Student, Harvard, Chemistry and Chemical Biology

Beatrice  Bonga

Beatrice Bonga

Graduate Student in Physics at Pennsylvania State University

Beatrice studies one of the mysteries of the universe: dark energy. She does this at the Pennsylvania State University as part of her PhD. program.

Ralph Bouquet

NOVA Labs Outreach Coordinator

Ralph Bouquet is the NOVA Labs Outreach Coordinator and an advocate for the use of inquiry and games/interactives in STEM classrooms.