Math & Computer Science

Alex  Berardino

Alex Berardino

Graduate Student, Computational Neuroscience, New York University

Alex is a PhD candidate in Computational Neuroscience at NYU and co-founder of NeuWrite Downtown, a scientist-journalist collaborative in New York City.

Justin Finkle

Justin Finkle

Justin in a PhD candidate in the Interdisciplinary Biological Sciences (IBiS) program, where he studies the structure of regulatory networks involved …

 Karna Gowda

Karna Gowda

Graduate Student Northwestern University Applied Math

 Karna is a graduate student of applied mathematics at Northwestern University, where he studies the mathematics of ecology and climate change.

Chris  Holdgraf

Chris Holdgraf

Graduate Student, Computational and Cognitive Neuroscience, UC Berkeley

I am a graduate student at UC Berkeley, studying computational and cognitive neuroscience.

Adam  Merberg

Adam Merberg

Recent PhD in Mathematics at UC Berkeley

Adam Merberg recently completed a PhD in Mathematics at University of California, Berkeley. His PhD thesis was on noncommutative analogs of Brownian motion.

William  Perry

William Perry

Graduate Student, Department of Mathematics at MIT

William Perry is a graduate student in the Department of Mathematics at MIT, having recently studied at Oxford.

David  Rolnick

David Rolnick

Graduate Student, MIT, Applied Math

David Rolnick is a first-year Ph.D. student in Applied Math at MIT.

Steven Strogatz

Steven Strogatz

Professor of Applied Mathematics at Cornell University

Steven Strogatz is the Jacob Schurman Professor of Applied Mathematics at Cornell University.

Omair  Taibah

Omair Taibah

Graduate Student in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at Northwestern University

Graduate student in Northwestern University, EECS Department. I am a co-founder of an Arabic language science communication platform (

Melody  Takeuchi

Melody Takeuchi

Graduate Student, Mathematics, Tufts

I am a mathematics Ph.D candidate at Tufts University, doing research in mathematical neuroscience.

Lauren  Vollmer

Lauren Vollmer

Graduate Student, Harvard, Statistics

Lauren earned a joint BA in Mathematics and English …