Brian  Aguado

Brian Aguado

Graduate Student, Biomedical Engineering, Northwestern University

Brian Aguado is currently a Ph.D. Candidate and NSF Fellow in the Biomedical Engineering department at Northwestern University. He holds a B.S.

Christian   Bernt-Haakonsen

Christian Bernt-Haakonsen

Graduate student in the department of Nuclear Science and Engineering at MIT

Christian Bernt Haakonsen is a graduate student in the department of Nuclear Science and Engineering at MIT.

Kade  Crockford

Kade Crockford

Director of the Technology for Liberty Program at the ACLU of Massachusetts

Kade Crockford is the Director of the Technology for Liberty Program at the ACLU of Massachusetts, where she quarterbacks the work challenging the growing …

Liz M.B. Doran

Liz M.B. Doran

graduate Student, Nicholas School of the Environment, Duke University

I am currently studying sustainability as a graduate student at the Nicholas School of the Environment at Duke University.

Jacob M Hansen

Jacob M Hansen

Graduate Student

My interest in science began in college when I worked summers as a wilderness guide in the backcountry of Yellowstone and the deserts of Utah.

Aaron  Johnson

Aaron Johnson

Graduate Student, Aeronautics and Astronautics, MIT

Aaron Johnson is a Ph.D.

Scot Osterweil

Scot Osterweil

Creative Director, Education Arcade
Research Director, MIT Comparative Media Studies/Writing Program

Scot Osterweil is the Creative Director of the Education Arcade and a research director in the MIT Comparative Media Studies/Writing Program.

Erica Palma

Erica Palma

Graduate Student, Tufts, Biomedical Engineering

I grew up on Long Island where I attended Stony Brook University and graduated summa cum laude with a Bachelor of Engineering in Biomedical Engineering.

Jai  Kanth  Panthail

Jai Kanth Panthail

Graduate Student, Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Utah

Jai is a Master's student in Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City, focusing on Hydrology, Environmental modeling …

Diane Wu

Diane Wu

Graduate Student, Stanford

I am a graduate student at Stanford studying materials for the solar cells of the future.

Sanjay  Yengul

Sanjay Yengul

Graduate Student, Biomedical Imaging and Elastography, Boston University

I am a graduate student at Boston University and Brigham and Women's Hospital working on biomedical imaging and elastography.

Colin Young

Colin Young

Graduate Student, Chemical Engineering, University of Utah

I received my BS in Chemical Engineering from the University of Utah, where I am also pursuing my PhD in Chemical Engineering.